The Hutchinson Pocket Dictionary of Physics (Hutchinson by John Avison

By John Avison

Alphabetically prepared and cross-referenced, this dictionary offers crucial info on physics, together with such parts because the quantum concept and alpha debris.

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The Hutchinson Pocket Dictionary of Physics (Hutchinson pocket dictionaries)

Alphabetically prepared and cross-referenced, this dictionary presents crucial details on physics, together with such parts because the quantum thought and alpha debris.

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Dipole, magnetic see magnetic dipole. direct current DC, electric current where the electrons (negative charge) flow in one direction, and that does not reverse its flow as alternating current does. The electricity produced by a battery is direct current. Electromagnets and electric trains use direct current. dispersion in physics, a particular property of refraction in which the angle and velocity of waves passing through a dispersive medium depends upon their frequency. When visible white light passes through a prism it is split into a spectrum (see electromagnetic waves).

Gamma radiation very high-frequency, high-energy electromagnetic radiation, similar in nature to Xrays but of shorter wavelength, emitted by the nuclei of radioactive substances during decay or by the interactions of high-energy electrons with matter. Cosmic gamma rays have been identified as coming from pulsars, radio galaxies, and quasars, although they cannot penetrate the Earth's atmosphere. gas form of matter, such as air, in which the molecules move randomly in otherwise empty space, filling any size or shape of container into which the gas is put.

Dynamics or kinetics, in mechanics, the mathematical and physical study of the behaviour of bodies under the action of forces that produce changes of motion in them. dynamo former name for a generator. echo repetition of a sound wave, or of a radar or sonar signal, by reflection from a hard surface such as a wall or building. By accurately measuring the time taken for an echo to return to the transmitter, and by knowing the speed of a radar signal (the speed of light) or a sonar signal (the speed of sound in water), it is possible to calculate the range of the object causing the echo (echolocation).

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