Science and civilisation in China. / Volume 6, Biology and by Joseph Needham; Gwei-Djen Lu; Nathan Sivin

By Joseph Needham; Gwei-Djen Lu; Nathan Sivin

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Almost all the historians of medicine in China were trained in medicine rather than in history. The By far the best study is Bullock (). 48 Sivin (), pp. –. On reference books, including those that provide access to other recent publications, see note , p. , above, and Sivin (). Among the most useful publications since those listed in the latter are Chungkuo Chung-i Yen-chiu-yüan & Kuang-chou Chung-i Hsüeh-yüan (), a comprehensive dictionary of medical terminology and related matters; Chung-kuo Chung-i Yen-chiu-yüan Thu-shu-kuan (), a national union catalogue of primary sources; Li Ching-wei (), a biographical dictionary; Ho Shih-hsi (), a compendium of biographical notices; Yen Shih-yün (–), a vast collection of prefaces; and Chung-kuo Chung-i Yen-chiu-yüan.

Achievement of high office to a broader strategy focusing on local position’. This shift took place around the fall of the Northern Sung. 62 Conventional work on traditional topics will continue to be necessary and valuable. We have learned a great deal about Chinese scientific and medical concepts in the past couple of decades. We need no longer rely on vague, undefined notions such as Confucianism and Taoism to explain intellectual change. 67 There remains plenty of work of familiar kinds for specialists in textual study (khaochêng) to do.

We can now reconstruct the experience of surgery before anaesthetics, and understand why patients until late in the th century endured the purging, bleeding and other drastic remedies upon which doctors depended. 83 80 Dikötter’s book, The Discourse of Race in Modern China (), although it cites more perceptions of ethnicity than of race, demonstrates that prejudice existed and was freely expressed in the early th century. 81 On cultural definitions of the body, the classic anthology is Feher (); see also Gallagher & Laqueur () and Laqueur ().

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