Routing And Shaping by K. Winchester

By K. Winchester

Для сайта: Мир книг Книга переведена на русский язык.Книги из серии The paintings Of Woodworking являются энциклопедией столярного дела.В них можно найти все, что связано со столярными работами.Книга богато иллюстрирована.Выпуск посвящён технологии и приёмам работы с ручным фрезером и фрезерным станком.

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Fasten B and E to the corner supports by screwing through the insides of the supports and into the back sides of B and E. After assembling the base unit (parts A, B, C, D, and E) and the magazine rack (F, G, and H), glue K (large mirror) to C and J (small mirror) to B, using mirror adhesive, which won’t damage the silver mirror backing. Temporarily secure the mirrors with tape; don’t use clamps. Staining part E Striated Ply Table Striated Ply Table Designed by Brian Hinz Made from scrap strips of plywood salvaged from an architectural model-building company, the original Striated Ply Table was designed to embody the characteristics of plywood itself.

The sewing involved in this project shouldn’t deter anyone; it’s very basic stitching that can be done by hand or machine, and the seams are mostly concealed in the finished product. Lap Desk Materials Tools ††One 16" x 24" (or larger) piece ⅜", ½", or ¾" plywood ††Circular saw with straightedge guide ††Wood finish materials (see step 3) ††Sandpaper (up to 220 grit) and sanding block ††1 sq. yard fabric ††Router with: ††Twenty-four (or more) upholstery tacks ††½" straight bit ††Fiberfill pillow stuffing ††⅜" or ¼" roundover bit ††Sewing needle and thread or sewing machine ††Scissors ††Clothes iron ††Hammer 1.

1. Rip the plywood strips. If you’re building the table as shown, you will cut pieces A, C, and D from plywood and pieces B and E from solid 1 x 2 stock; see the exploded-view drawing above and the cutting diagram on the opposite page. On a table saw, rip the plywood into 1½"-wide strips: you need a total of 22 strips at 60" long or 44 strips at 30" long. If you don’t have a table saw, you can rip the strips with a circular saw and a straightedge guide to ensure straight cuts, but be very careful to cut the pieces at exactly 1½" wide.

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