Culture and the Death of God by Terry Eagleton

By Terry Eagleton

How you can stay in a supposedly faithless international threatened by means of spiritual fundamentalism? Terry Eagleton, ambitious philosopher and well known cultural critic, investigates during this thought-provoking e-book the contradictions, problems, and importance of the fashionable look for a alternative for God. enticing with a phenomenally wide variety of principles, matters, and thinkers from the Enlightenment to this day, Eagleton discusses the nation of faith ahead of and after 9-11, the ironies surrounding Western capitalism’s half in spawning not just secularism but in addition fundamentalism, and the unsatisfactory surrogates for the Almighty invented within the post-Enlightenment era.

The writer displays at the specific capacities of faith, the probabilities of tradition and artwork as glossy paths to salvation, the so-called struggle on terror’s influence on atheism, and a bunch of alternative themes of shock to those that envision a destiny during which simply and compassionate groups thrive. Lucid, fashionable, and wonderful in his ordinary demeanour, Eagleton offers a super survey of contemporary inspiration that still serves as a well timed, urgently wanted intervention into our perilous political current.

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Rationalism was able to damage the credibility of the clerics, but not to step into their ideological shoes. indd 29 19/12/13 7:38 PM Culture and the Death of God means of self-legitimation. It could not engage the allegiance of the masses, who were more interested in religious consolation than cosmic harmony. 67 The God of the philosophers and the God of the masses were dangerously distinct sorts of being. ’68 Nobody was likely to sacrifice their lives for such a cerebral creed, as they might at a pinch for the Christian Gospel.

Indd 21 19/12/13 7:38 PM Culture and the Death of God and esotericism – why an author whose most renowned work is entitled Christianity Not Mysterious also produced a History of the Druids and probably belonged to a secret Dutch society known as the Knights of Jubilation. It is a mixture of the hermetic and exoteric which can also be found in Freemasonry. Only a coterie of cognoscenti can be entrusted with the most momentous truths. The freethinker, a title which Toland is said to have invented, thus enjoys something of the privilege of the very clerics he detests.

60 Yet he also seems to have held that a moderate, non-superstitious version of it is an aid to political stability. As with many an Enlightenment sage, religion is judged primarily in terms of its utility. It is acceptable only if it promotes the kind of morality one would still endorse without it. This, for Hume, was ‘true’ religion, which could only ever be that of a cultivated minority, as opposed to what he derided as the sick dreams of the masses. When it came to social utility, Hume’s social conservatism trumped his intellectual scepticism.

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