CSS Quick Syntax Reference by Mikael Olsson

By Mikael Olsson

The CSS speedy Syntax Reference is a condensed syntax connection with the Cascading sort Sheets specification and magnificence sheet language. It offers the necessities of CSS in a well-organized structure that may be used as a convenient reference.

You won’t locate any technical jargon, bloated samples, drawn out background classes or witty tales during this booklet. What you can find is a CSS reference that's concise, to the purpose, and hugely obtainable. The e-book is jam-packed with helpful details and is a must have for any CSS programmer or internet developer.

In the CSS quickly Syntax Reference, you'll find:
* A concise connection with CSS
* brief, uncomplicated, and centred code examples for presentation semantics
* A good laid out desk of contents and a entire index permitting effortless assessment

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The capitalize value capitalizes the first letter of each word. This property inherits by default, so the none value can be used to remove an inherited text-transform effect. text-transform: none; /* remove effect */ text-decoration One or more visual effects to text can be added with the text-decoration property. text-decoration : none | underline + overline + line-through + blink 47 CHAPTER 11 N TEXT To add multiple decorations, separate the values with spaces (indicated by the “+” sign, shown previously).

Any property can also explicitly be given the value inherit to use the same value as the one the parent element has for that property. /* Inherit parent's border */ p { border: inherit; } Inheritance enables you to apply a style to a common ancestor whenever you find a place in which every descendant element needs that same style. This process is more convenient and maintainable than applying the style to every descendant element that needs that specific style. For example, if the text for an entire document needs to be set to a particular color, you can apply the style to the element, which is the common ancestor for all visible elements.

Their parent element is , and together with , they are both ancestors to the sibling elements. In turn, the two sibling elements are child elements of and descendants of both and . The hierarchy of this simple document is illustrated in Figure 6-1. 27 CHAPTER 6 N RELATIONSHIP SELECTORS Figure 6-1. Example HTML hierarchy Inheritance Inheritance is another important concept in CSS. It makes certain styles apply not only to the specified element but also to all its descendant elements.

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