Comparative studies in word order variation: adverbs, by Christopher Laenzlinger

By Christopher Laenzlinger

Addresses the query of be aware order edition in Romance languages - particularly French - and in Germanic languages - in particular German. The theoretical framework followed is the "Principles & Parameters idea of Transformational Generative Grammar". The empirical contribution of this ebook is to regard 3 linguistically specific phenomena - adverbs, pronouns and clause constitution - in typologically designated periods of languages. the 2 major theoretical thoughts explored are: a version of Checking idea containing rules and parameters; and a brand new belief of word constitution inside of X-Theory.

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Only adjunction is adopted by Chomsky (1993, 1995) and is further restricted to left-adj unction follow­ ing the proposal by Kayne (1989b, 1994). In chapter 3, I also make a distinction between two types of incorporation, as far as cliticization is con­ cerned. There is incorporation (i) by free adjunction or (ii) by selection. Only selected incorporation requires an adjacency configuration between the incorporee and its host. Α-movement consists of moving a DP from its θ-related position to a Case/agreement position (see Rizzi (1991b) for a definition of A-positions as Case and agreement-related positions).

Jean a vraiment/réeHement embrassé Marie. Jean has truly/ kissed Marie 'Jean truly/ kissed Mary' b. Jean a beaucoup mangé. eaten Jean has much 'Jean ate a lot' 46 CHAPTER 2. THE SYNTAX OF ADVERBS c. Jean a presque mangé toute la pomme. the apple Jean has nearly eaten all 'Jean nearly ate the whole apple' The other VP-adverbs in (7) are circumstantial adverbs (manner ad­ verbs, result adverbs, instrument adverbs, etc). Adverbs with narrow scope over the verb, as in (15a), are distinct from those with 'wide' scope over the verb and its complement, as in (15b).

G. no operator-variable relation is involved). Α-movement can be an operation of substitution or adjunction. Move­ ment by substitution targets a specifier position, whereas movement by adjunction targets some maximal projection within the clause. In the the­ oretical framework adopted for this research, adjunction is eliminated from the theory of phrase structure. Thus, Α-movement is always substitution for a specifier position. A further distinction can be made between two types of Α-specifier positions: quantificational Α-specifiers and qualificational A-specifiers.

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