Comparative Industrial Relations: Ideologies, institutions, by J. Wilczynski

By J. Wilczynski

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K. Engelhard, 'How Arms Manufacture Is Adding to Unemployment', World Marxist Rev. (London) Feb. 1981, pp. 123-26. 3. D. Furth, A. Hertje and R. J. van der Veen, 'On Marx's Theory of Unemployment', Oxford Econ. Papers, July 1978, pp. 263-76. 44 Comparative Industrial Relations 4. * Edith Gomori, 'Special Protective Legislation and Equality of Employment Opportunity for Women in Hungary', Int. Lab. Rev. -Feb. 1980, pp. 67-77. 5. • T. Iugai, 'The Economic Mechanism of the Formation of Employment Structure', Problems of Economics (New York) July 1981, pp.

Honesty. Co-operation with fellow workers. High-principled personal conduct. Interest in or ability to organize and manage. High skills. Willingness to help others. Resourcefulness in work. Interest and diligence in work. 'Fair play'. Concern for the common interest. 2 The highest form of socialist work morality is work heroism, consisting in the worker's 'capacity and preparedness to undertake risk and sacrifices for the sake of exceptional results, better solutions and efficiency ... even in peacetime'.

Employment, Unemployment, Mobility 33 In addition to open registered full-time unemployment, there may also be hidden unemployment or under-employment. As a rule, it is not reflected in official statistical returns but some countries now distinguish in their labour statistics between fully employed and under-employed persons. Under-employment occurs where persons work for shorter hours than they are prepared to, or where they work below their qualifications. This type of unemployment occurs particularly in agriculture and it is widespread in less-developed countries.

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