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Occasionally, however, the lipid constituents are mainly or wholly nonglyceridic as in Mycobacterium tuberculosis or in the seed lipids of the shrub Simmondsia californica, and so com­ parisons between the types and distribution of fatty acids cannot al­ ways be made on a uniform basis. 9 ca. 8 ca. 6 & 0-5 8-12 5-10 C22 0 Data from T. P. Hilditch and J. A. Lovern {140), except that in the aquatic animal fats the amounts of C14, Cis saturated acids and C14 unsaturated acids have been added by the writer.

The building up of the higher fatty acids does not take place, as the coenzyme A transphorase system will not catalyze the activation of fatty acids with more than eight carbon atoms (136). 1. FATTY ACID OCCURRENCE AND DISTRIBUTION 25 The main interest in the studies of fatty acid synthesis of C. kluyveri is the demonstration of a fatty acid cycle involving the participation of acetyl coenzyme A as in the Lynen cycle, but differing from it in that the regeneration of coenzyme A does not take place through the citric acid cycle.

The com­ position of insect fats is variable. The saturated acids comprise 15-35%, with palmitic acid as the main component. In accord perhaps with the green-leaf diet, the unsaturated acids are mainly Ci 8 with linoleic and linolenic acids often predominating. C20 and C22 unsaturated acids appear to be generally absent but have been reported in substantial amounts (26-44%) in the depot fats of two Mexican species (174, 175) including the Mexican locust. The fatty acids from the latter, however, failed to give the polybromide test for C20 and C22 highly unsaturated acids.

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