Clinical Neuroanatomy Made Ridiculously Simple (MedMaster by Stephen Goldberg

By Stephen Goldberg

Univ. of Miami, FL. is helping scientific scholars swiftly grasp that a part of neuroanatomy that's necessary to medical care. Covers normal association, blood provide, meninges and spinal fluid, spinal twine, mind stem, visible process, autonomic procedure and hypothalamus, cerebellum, basal ganglia and thalamus, cerebral cortex, and a scientific overview. past version: c1997. Softcover.

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Clinical illustrations of the usefulness of this data will be given in the questions following Chapter 5. Don't panic. The brain stem is incredibly simple when studied in a logical sequence, as follows. I. Memorize the 12 cranial nerves and their functions. Ribald mnemonics will help. You must know the individual cranial nerves and their functions on instant recall. Smells CNI: CN2: Sees CNs 3, 4 and 6: Move eyes; CN3 constricts pupils, accommodates CN5: Chews and feels front of head CN7: Moves the face, tastes, salivates, cries CN8: Hears, regulates balance CN9: Tastes, salivates, swallows, monitors carotid body CNIO: Tastes, swallows lifts palate, talks communication to and sinus , and from thoraco-abdominal viscera CNII: Turns head, lifts sho u lders CNI2: Moves tongue 2.

The right lateral rectus and left medial rectus muscles both direct the eyes to the right. A lesi on to the media/longitudinal fasciculus bilaterally, most commonly seen in multiple sclerosis, would produce a decreased ability for either eye to look medially (Fig. 37, 38). In this instance, both eyes could converge be­ cause the pathway for convergence (as well as vertical gaze) is different from the path for lateral conjugate gaze. The condition resulting from lesions to the MLF is known as the MLF (media/longitudinal fasciculus) syndrome, or internuclear ophthalmoplegia (Fig.

44 Visual field defect in question 5-6. 57 Ans. Patients with uncal herniation and brain stem compression tend to be quite sick. This patient wasn't. A dilated pupil may be caused by accidental instillation of dilating drops in the eye or congenitally as in Adie 's pupil. In the laner, the pupil is always dilated and responds minimally and sluggishly to light. It is unaccompanied by other CN3 signs such as ptosis or oculomotor defects. 5-8 A patient's left eye looked funny. The left upper lid appeared higher than on the right.

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