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I I PEMBROKE TABLE t r ) 1 r) Routing thedadoes Z. Toensure allthedadoes willbealigned, butta stop blockagainst theendof thelegandclamp it to theextension. Turn theblankto theadjacent sideandrepeat (/eff). Sawthebanding sothegrain willbeparallel withthegrainof theleg whenthepieces aregluedin place; they shouldbethesamewidthasthedadoes, butabout%inchlonger ood3/rc inchthick. Oncethe adhesive has c u r e dr,e m o vteh ec l a m pa n dt r i mt h e endsofthebanding flushwiththelegby running theadjoining dadoes across the router tableagain asin step2.

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