Circle of Three #8: The Five Paths by Isobel Bird

By Isobel Bird

North and south and east and west,earth and hearth, air and water,And the 5th course, center's spirit,on it walks the looking daughters.The five-pointed big name is the Wiccan image of the Spirit, and that is how Cooper wears it. these now not versed within the methods of the Craft locate it unsettling, although. Will Cooper, Annie, and Kate be ready to face up to the tide of controversy bearing down upon them?

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Not again,” Annie wailed. “Kate, there’s one vote for each film. ” Kate looked at the marquee. Then she looked around at her friends. They were all looking at her beseechingly. She knew each of them wanted her to pick the film she wanted to see. But what did Kate want to see? She went over the choices in her mind. ” Cooper asked after a minute had gone by. ” Kate thought some more, chewing on her lip while she looked at the posters for the movies that lined the walls of the theater entrance.

This part was going to be hard to explain, she realized. She couldn’t really tell Jessica and Tara that she and Tyler were on a break from their relationship because she was trying to figure out how to tell her family that she was involved in the Craft. That would mean telling them that she was involved in it, and she wasn’t ready to do that. ” said Tara, opening a bag of chips and munching on one. Kate sighed. “We’re just going through a rough spot right now,” she said. She hated not being able to tell them the truth, especially now that they seemed to be her friends again, but she just couldn’t.

Ms. Carter had handed it to her a few minutes earlier, when Cooper had arrived at her creative writing class. It was a request from the principal, Mrs. Browning, for Cooper to come see her. As Cooper walked to the main office she tried to imagine what the principal wanted. Had something terrible happened to one of her parents? She prayed that wasn’t the case. But why else would Mrs. Browning call her out of class in the middle of the day to talk to her? She pushed open the office door and went in.

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