Circle of Three #13: And It Harm None (Circle of Three) by Isobel Bird

By Isobel Bird

"and it damage none, do as you will,"so says the traditional wiccan rede.Those who don't heed its phrases will learnthe strength of the legislation of Three.Annie, Kate, and Cooper discover what appears like against the law. after they glance extra heavily, it's not. realizing the legislations of 3 -- that damage comes again to hang-out -- can they nonetheless aid a chum in desire with out procuring it themselves?

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Each of you pick a drum,” she said. ” They all stood up and walked to the drums, looking them over and choosing the one that appealed to them most. Then they returned to their places and sat with the drums in their laps. “The first thing you need to learn is that your drum is not a baby,” Toni said. “Don’t be afraid of hurting it. ” People laughed as Toni showed them the correct way to hold their drums. Then she began by teaching them basic hand movements, which they copied 48 until she was satisfied that they were all doing them more or less correctly.

Kate Morgan,” said Ms. ” Kate’s heart seemed to stop in her chest. Had she heard correctly? Had Ms. Ableman just said what she thought she’d said? She was working with Sherrie? No, it wasn’t possible. There were twenty other students she could be paired with. It just couldn’t be Sherrie. Ms. Ableman was reading out more names, oblivious to the fact that she had just done the one thing in the world that could make Kate’s day fall completely apart. As Kate listened, she wanted more than anything to raise her hand and ask to be reassigned.

Then she sat on the f loor in the middle of her room, the book open beside her. She read the directions for the spell, then closed the book. She sat with the candle in her hands and closed her eyes. The instructions for doing the spell said that she should think about the person she had angry feelings about. She should, it said, think about everything she really hated about this person. That’s easy, Kate thought as she imagined Sherrie’s face in her mind. Then she let herself feel every negative feeling she could about her old friend.

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