Cellulase : types and action, mechanism, and uses by Adam E. Golan

By Adam E. Golan

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0. No data about optimal temperature and stability were reported. The reason why H. insolens, as well as T. reesei and many other cellulolytic microorganisms, produces so many enzymes is not completely clear. The most accredited theory recognizes a different role to each enzyme in relation to the diversity of the substrate (solubility, degree of substitution or polymerization). In order to better understand the various role of several cellulases produced by a same microorganism, the efficiency in hydrolyzing soluble cellulose (CMC) by the endoglucanases Cel5A, Cel7B and Cel45A from H.

Problem one strategy is to decrease the formation of the inclusion bodies in vivo by fusing the recombinant protein with a domain which can enhance the solubility of the chimera. This approach was adopted for the cellulosomal cellulase EngB from Clostridium cellulovorans, which has been expressed as insoluble proteins in E. coli. , 2003]. In successive studies the CBDs of different protein from Clostridium species and the PT-linker from C.

0. In contrast, enzyme from Bacillus sp. , 2001]. As already mentioned, microorganisms different from Bacillus are also capable of producing alkaline cellulases. Marinobacter sp. , 2009]. Usually, cellulase production by Bacteria occurs during the late growth phase. Thus, maintenance of the culture conditions for long times causes economic disadvantages for the development of industrial processes. Unexpectedly, the production of cellulase by Marinobacter MSI032 occurs at an earlier stage of growth suggesting the usefulness of the strain in industrial processes.

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