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Католическая энциклопедия на английском языке. Гигантское количество материала. Поскольку я уже в комментах к Библейской Энциклопедии проанонсировал эту публикацию, просто повторюсь ещё раз, что в ней содержится.
Включает в себя:
** все важнейшие персоналии священных книг;
** развернутое жизнеописание всех римских Пап;
** историю и описание прославленных аббатств, епархий, конгрегаций и приходов;
** в отдельной части - т.н. "Summa Theologica" - интересное изложение христианской доктрины в теологической манере. Это разобранные по пунктам применения религиозных принципов во всех аспектах жизни. Там море глав и подразделов, в основном выполненных в виде классического диспута (objection - answer).
** в отдельной части - список почтенных отцов церкви и их важнейшие произведения (!);
** жизнеописания всех святых;
** также описаны современные и средневековые теологи, ученые-религиоведы, религиозные деятели, мученики, преподобные отцы и прочие подвизающиеся на сём поприще;
** и многое, многое другое...
"Обложка" отсутствует потому, что это подборка chm без вступительной статьи, а не потому, что автор - лентяй.

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Descartes' Bones: A Skeletal History of the Conflict between Faith and Reason

On a brutal winter's day in 1650 in Stockholm, the Frenchman René Descartes, the main influential and arguable philosopher of his time, used to be buried after a chilly and lonely dying faraway from domestic. 16 years later, the French Ambassador Hugues de Terlon secretly unearthed Descartes' bones and transported them to France.

Why might this devoutly Catholic legit care a lot in regards to the continues to be of a thinker who was once hounded from state to state on fees of atheism? Why could Descartes' bones take this sort of unusual, serpentine course over the following 350 years—a course intersecting the various grandest occasions that you can think of: the beginning of technology, the increase of democracy, the mind-body challenge, the clash among religion and cause? Their tale contains humans from all walks of life—Louis XIV, a Swedish on line casino operator, poets and playwrights, philosophers and physicists, as those humans used the bones in medical reviews, stole them, bought them, respected them as relics, fought over them, handed them surreptitiously from hand to hand.

The resolution lies in Descartes’ recognized word: Cogito ergo sum—"I imagine, for that reason i'm. " In his deceptively easy seventy-eight-page essay, Discourse at the technique, this small, useless, vindictive, peripatetic, formidable Frenchman destroyed 2,000 years of bought knowledge and laid the rules of the trendy global. on the root of Descartes’ “method” was once skepticism: "What am i able to be aware of for convinced? " Like-minded thinkers round Europe passionately embraced the book--the technique used to be utilized to medication, nature, politics, and society. The proposal that you'll locate fact in proof which may be proved, and never in reliance on culture and the Church's teachings, could turn into a turning element in human history.

In an age of religion, what Descartes used to be presenting gave the impression of heresy. but Descartes himself was once a great Catholic, who used to be spurred to jot down his incendiary e-book for the main own of purposes: He had committed himself to medication and the learn of nature, but if his cherished daughter died on the age of 5, he took his principles deeper. to appreciate the wildlife one had to query every little thing. therefore the medical procedure used to be created and faith overthrown. If the wildlife may be understood, wisdom can be complex, and others would possibly not undergo as his baby did.

The nice controversy Descartes ignited maintains to our period: the place Islamic terrorists spurn the trendy global and pine for a tradition in line with unquestioning religion; the place scientists write bestsellers that passionately make the case for atheism; the place others fight to discover a stability among religion and cause.
Descartes’ Bonesis a historic detective tale in regards to the construction of the trendy brain, with twists and turns top as much as the current day—to the technological know-how museum in Paris the place the philosopher’s cranium now is living and to the church a number of kilometers away the place, now not some time past, a philosopher-priest acknowledged a mass for his bones.

Religious Pluralism, Democracy, and the Catholic Church in Latin America

The Roman Catholic Church in Latin the USA faces major and unheard of demanding situations. so much sought after between them are secularization, globalizing cultural developments, intensifying spiritual pageant, and pluralism of many varieties inside what have been as soon as hegemonic Catholic societies. The tremendous and unique essays during this quantity determine the ways that the Catholic Church in Latin the USA is facing those political, non secular, and social adjustments.

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Being global means that two-thirds of our operations always do well' (quoted in the Australian Financial Review, April 1999). Fourthly, adoption of a global market strategy invariably involves taking over other businesses that expand market share or complement the operations of the parent company. Ironically, the relaxation of regulations in many countries restricting the foreign takeover of nationally owned assets has helped to facilitate the rise of global oligopolies, which are now powerful enough to challenge the nation-state.

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