Cat Toy by Illian Obsidian

By Illian Obsidian

A tender guy and his trip have crash-landed on a wild planet, light-years from domestic. He’s suffered a head harm and can’t bear in mind his personal identify. What else might get it wrong? Heck, might be he should be attacked and captured via males who glance much like cats.Or probably he might become aware of that he's dwelling in a Master/slave society and is now a servant to a planetary chief named Tryl. counting on how he seems to be at it, his scenario is probably not so undesirable, whether he cannot determine who he's or what he'll do subsequent. Can the younger guy Tryl calls Yai work out who he's and what he desires ahead of hazard catches up with either one of them?

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The reality was, though, that he needed what Tryl gave him. “Yai,” Tryl rumbled. Yai smiled at him. Yes, he needed Tryl’s aggression, needed that dominance. And maybe Tryl needed his subservience. ” Tryl hissed loudly. Maybe nothing. There couldn’t be anyone in charge without a people like Yai, could there? Of course Tryl needed him, too. ” one last time. ” His face heated a dark red. He’d been so lost in thought that he hadn’t realized what he was doing. His fingers had gone swirling and wandering up Tryl’s leg and under the tunic, under the loin covering, and… Tryl lifted Yai up into his lap where the very hard evidence of Yai’s wandering mind and fingers was apparent.

Yai had pulled on his own pants, a boot covering one foot, its mate dangling loosely from his hand as he turned, startled. ” Yai shouted, giving the taller man a shove. In the time it had taken Tryl to gain his feet, Yai ran in the other direction, golden brand glinting on his bare chest, sunlight hair flying back. Tryl absently noted that he’d abandoned his second boot. The world seemed to turn in slow motion now as he saw what Yai was doing. The young slave, bright and sunny as he was, was dazzling against the background of green grass and trees and blue sky.

Finally, Yai was impaled fully and seated on Tryl’s lap, gleaming head thrown back onto Tryl’s broad, black, fur covered shoulder. ” Tryl rumbled. He was so close, struggling in a tight velvet he’d never before encountered. ” Tryl had never cared before if a slave was okay, if he was enjoying their pairing. But this was his slave. His Yai. And it was his first time. Ever. What a gift. Such a precious gift. And, oh, how good it felt, unbelievable. “Feels full, I… can’t, can’t believe I’m doing this…can’t believe…” he groaned.

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