Build APIs You Won't Hate by Phil Sturgeon

By Phil Sturgeon

Everyone and their puppy wishes an API, so that you should still most likely easy methods to construct them.

Tasked with construction an API on your corporation yet don't have a clue the place to begin? Taken over an present API and hate it? outfitted your individual API and nonetheless hate it? This publication is for you.

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If the change in question is simply a renamed field then this is insanely easy to handle: Before 'website' => $place->website, 1 After Outputting Data 50 'website' => $place->url, 1 By changing the right (our internal data structure) and keeping the left the same (the external field name) we maintain control over the stability for the client applications. Sometimes it is a status change. A new status is added, or the change is fairly drastic and the status all change, but the old API version is still expecting the old one.

1 Introduction If everything goes smoothly you want to show some data. If a valid request comes in for a data which is valid you show data, if creating something on the API with valid data, you show the created object. If something goes wrong, however, you want to let people know what is wrong using two simultaneous approaches: 1. HTTP status codes 2. 2 HTTP Status Codes Status Codes are used in all responses and have a number from 200 to 507 - with plenty of gaps in between and each has a message and a definition.

You can build your own tests in your own language or in any framework, but just go along with this PHP example to see a basic working - even if you personally prefer another language. Go on. It wont bite. 3 Setup As a PHP developer you simply need to install Behat, and this can be done with Composer³. It is fair to assume that if you are using any sort of modern PHP framework you are already familiar with this so I won’t bore the non-PHP devs by getting stuck into it. composer/vendor/bin/ is added to your $PATH and you should be good to go.

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