Brighid's Quest by P.C. Cast

By P.C. Cast

Torn among the chances . . . Fleeing her centaur clan's more and more militant ideals, Brighid Dhianna has began to discover peace and attractiveness one of the people of extended family MacCallan. nonetheless, she consents to depart her newly shaped friendships to steer her extended family chieftain's grieving brother domestic. As she trips, Brighid discovers that the long-dormant Shaman blood that runs so thickly in her veins will now not be silenced. As seductive new powers start to beckon, Brighid glimpses a destiny that's extra most unlikely -- and extra magical -- than any she may have dared to visualize. but if tragedy summons her again to the Centaur Plains, Brighid needs to decide that would impact not just her friendship with the people, however the centaur herd and certainly the area. For the good Goddess Epona has set her on a brand new direction that calls for every thing she has to offer. while the full international is popping to her for aid, therapeutic the center of a warrior does not sound so daunting . . .

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Ugly, she thought as she took in the jutting shale and the low, spindly plants that masqueraded as foliage. Besides being damned ugly, the place set her nerves on edge. It appeared flat and easy to navigate, but in truth the land held sudden gorges like wounds slashed into the ground. Shale littered the cold, hard landscape. It would be too easy for a hoof to misstep. One mistake, even at this sedate pace, and it would be a simple thing to snap her leg. The mountains were no better than the land they bordered.

Oh, I am! I can be! I will. Just watch and see, I will,” he assured her, still dancing from foot to foot. “You’re never quiet, Liam,” Kyna said with disgust. ” “I was quiet during the evening blessing,” Liam said. His wings rustled as he fisted his hands and raised his chin defiantly. ” Kyna rolled her eyes. As the two children bickered, Brighid looked helplessly at Cuchulainn. The warrior met her gaze briefly and Brighid thought for a moment a shadow of good humor flickered through his eyes. “Kyna, I left the gelding tethered with the goats,” he said nonchalantly.

Before Cu could answer the winged woman Brighid snorted. “You’ll have ample opportunity to show us how special your young ones are. ” “Whenever you say. We have been ready since the snow began melting. ” “We leave at first light,” Cu said. “First light it is then,” Ciara said firmly. ” With those words, Ciara spread her dark wings and moved quickly over the rocky ground in the distinctive gliding run her people had inherited from their fathers. She heard the pounding of hooves as the centaur and Cuchulainn’s gelding galloped behind her.

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