Brazilian Ceramic Conference 57 by Sonia Mello Castanho, Wilson Acchar, Dachamir Hotza

By Sonia Mello Castanho, Wilson Acchar, Dachamir Hotza

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The following results correspond to technical properties evaluated in ceramics obtained from clayey soil specimens fired at two different temperatures. Table 4 presents the results obtained for the water absorption, apparent porosity and flexural rupture strength for clayey soils specimens fired at 700 an 900°C, which are typical temperatures used to fabricate perforated wall bricks [16]. Table 4. Technical properties of the clayey soil ceramics fired at different temperatures. 28 It should be noticed in Table 4 that the percentage of water absorption is above the maximum of 22% required for bricks according to the Brazilian norm [17].

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This indicates that there was intercalation of the surfactant in the clay fraction, and that with the increase of the surfactant content, the total intercalated also increased. For the samples Materials Science Forum Vols. 798-799 25 organofilized with 15% of the surfactant, a very small intercalation occurred, with its characteristic peak being undefined. Table 5 presents the statistical results of the Foster swellings of the organoclays, non-purified and purified from the Superior Gray and Superior Green clays, treated with the ionic surfactant Praepagen WB in the proportions of 15%, 30% and 45%, with diesel oil as organic media.

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