Botany : An Introduction to Plant Biology by James D. Mauseth

By James D. Mauseth

Botany: An advent to Plant Biology presents an intensive review of the basics of botany. through the textual content, 3 key ideas are under pressure; evolution by way of normal choice, exam of botanical phenomenon, and the range of organisms and their subject. furthermore, this article includes striking colour pictures to light up key organisms and issues pointed out within the textual content.

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2 Conifers, like this spruce (Picea), produce seeds in cones; the conifers, together with the flowering plants and a few other groups, are known as seed plants. PLANTS Your present concept of plants is probably quite accurate: Most plants have green leaves, stems, roots, and flowers (Fig. 1). But you can think of exceptions immediately. Conifers such as pine, spruce, and fir have cones rather than flowers (Fig. 2), and many cacti and succulents do not appear to have leaves. But both conifers and succulents are obviously plants because they closely resemble organisms that unquestionably are plants.

9 1 These elements are essential for plant life; each carries out one or more vital roles. If any one is missing, a plant cannot survive. Sodium is essential for animals but not for plants. Atomic number corresponds to the number of protons in the atomic nucleus of each; atomic weight is the number of protons plus neutrons in each nucleus. 1 The three isotopes of hydrogen differ in the number of neutrons they contain. Because they all have the same number of protons, they have the same atomic number; they are the same chemical element and have identical properties.

All organisms are classified into five large groups called kingdoms: kingdom Monera, kingdom Plantae, kingdom Animalia, kindgom Myceteae, and kingdom Protista. Parts of the kingdom Protista are closely related to kingdom Plantae because some green algae became adapted to living on land and gradually evolved into the land plants. As a consequence, early land plants resembled algae, but as more mutations occurred and natural selection eliminated less adaptive ones, land plants lost algal characteristics and gamed more features suited to surviving on land.

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