Bloody Jack: Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of by L. A. Meyer

By L. A. Meyer

Lifestyles as a ship's boy aboard HMS Dolphin is a dream come precise for Jacky Faber. long past are the times of scavenging for nutrition and scuffling with for survival at the streets of eighteenth-century London. in its place, Jacky is changing into a talented and revered sailor because the team pursues pirates at the excessive seas.There's just one challenge: Jacky is a lady. and she or he must use every piece of her spirit, wit, and braveness to maintain the staff from gaining knowledge of her mystery. this would be the journey of her life--if in simple terms she does not get stuck. . . .

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The sailor looks up at him. " He jerks his thumb towards the back of the boat. We all winds our way down a ladder and gets to the next level, which is where the big guns are, and we walks back. We gets there to find the head, a curved room that has a bench in the back curve with holes in it for the sittin'-down business and a metal trough along the side for the stand-up business. I looks down one of the holes and sees the water of the harbor below. " says Davy. "Belly up t' the bar, mates," and he steps up to the trough and fiddles with the front of his pants, and the others join him.

I contains meself and don't tell him to sod off but instead worms me way to the front of the mob. I spies a likely piling next to the water. Hookin' me toes in the ropes what are tied round it, I climbs to the top, nimblelike, and sits down to better catch the proceedin's but not before I have to put me toe in the eye of someone who tries to climb up after me. "Find yer own perch, Mate," I says. Serves him right, too, 'cause it's the boy what called me a runt and he should watch his mouth. I looks over to the ship and sees an officer dressed in a fine blue uniform, all decked out with gold and ribbons and sword and buckles.

I runs and runs, just out of me head with terror, and I keeps on runnin' till I starts heavin' and gaspin' and chokin' and I can't run no more and I falls down in an alley, the cobblestones all hard against me knees and cold against me face. I crawls on me hands and knees up in a dark doorway, and I puts me thumb in me mouth and I sucks on it real hard, with me tears runnin' down me face and on me thumb and in me mouth all salty and dirty, but I don't care, I just wants to die, just die is all.

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