Birdhouses and More by A.J. Hamler

By A.J. Hamler

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Polishing workshop instruments is definitely one of the such a lot various of all workshop actions and the one who is least understood by way of the vast majority of workshop vendors. this isn't unreasonable in view of the wide variety of kit recommended for the duty, starting from the complicated (typically an commercial device and cutter grinder) via to the standard off hand grinder.

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Natural world Collector Plates for the Scroll observed КНИГИ ; ХОББИ и РЕМЕСЛА Автор: Rick and Karen Longabaugh Название: flora and fauna Collector Plates for the Scroll observed (Дикая природа коллекция для выпиливания) Издательство: Fox Chapel Publishing corporation Год: 2006 Формат: PDF Размер: fifty one Мб Язык: Английский Страниц: a hundred thirtyв книге представлены проекты естественного мира, запечатленные в образ для выпиливания лобзиком.

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Measure the completed feeder and cut a lid that allows ⅛" overhang at the front and on both sides of the feeder for smooth lid clearance. Cut a pair of 1½" wide side pieces matching the lid width. Attach these to the lid sides with glue and brads or nails, being sure that the side pieces are flush at the front and back. Now cut a longer piece of 1½" stock for the front, long enough to extend flush at the front over both side pieces. As before, attach with glue and nails (PHOTO 9). Set the lid in place atop the feeder, positioning it for ⅛" clearance at the sides and front, and clamp in place.

Note in this photo that I’ve temporarily put the right side in place, but am not attaching it yet. Dry-fitting the right side while assem- bling the rest of the house helps get things aligned and nailed properly, but take care not to get any glue on it. With the house nailed together, test the fit of the right side. This side will become the access door, so it should slip out easily. If it’s tight and hard to remove, adjust it with sandpaper or a hand plane so it will pivot easily. Note that this right side is shorter than the left, to leave a ¼" ventilation gap at the top.

You want this opening to be slightly wider at the top to make it easy to insert the bottle without binding, but tight enough so it rests snug at 34 D I N N E R T IM E PHOTO 1 Measure the overall width with bottle and side supports in place. This will determine the width of all other project components PHOTO 2 Calipers are perfect for getting the exact diameter of the bottle neck. PHOTO 3 A piece of 1x2 clamped to the workpiece allows you to make beeline-straight rip cuts in long stock. the bottom, as shown on the pattern on PAGE 33.

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