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The discovery of introns complicated Mendel’s idea of the gene as the smallest hereditary unit; a modern definition might be the colinear sequence of exons, introns, and adjacent regulatory sequences that accomplish protein expression. Using these principles, one can determine the size of the stimulin gene. It contains a coding region of 300 bp (100 amino acids × 3 bp per amino acid), plus 100 bp in the intron, plus 70 + 30 = 100 bp in the untranslated regions (total = 500 bp). The mature RNA contains the same number of bp except for the 100 bp in the intron (500 − 100 = 400 bp).

E. Bind catabolite repressor to the promoter region Increase the rate of RNA synthesis Eliminate the binding of RNA polymerase to the promoter Participate in the proper termination of transcription Allow proper initiation of transcription 47. Which of the following statements correctly describes the nucleolus of a mammalian cell? a. It differs from that found in bacterial cells in that histones are present b. It may contain hundreds of copies of genes for different types of ribosomal RNAs c. It synthesizes 5S ribosomal RNA d.

Conjugation is the transfer of a socalled male chromosomal DNA to the DNA of an acceptor, or female, bacterial cell. Colinearity defines the relationship between genes and proteins in that the sequence of amino acids in proteins is a result of the sequence of base triplets in template genes. Recombination is simply the exchange of sequences between two molecules of DNA. Transformation results when exogenous DNA fragments are incorporated into the chromosome of another organism, as in the transformation of pneumococcal bacteria that led Avery and McLeod to recognize the genetic significance of DNA.

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