Beds and bedroom furniture by Editors of Fine Woodworking

By Editors of Fine Woodworking

In those 23 articles from the pages of good Woodworking journal, youll see bed room furnishings in a number of kinds. items variety from a swish Queen Anne lowboy that serves as a dressing desk to a outstanding sleigh mattress. In among there are bureaus, tables, and a crib. In all, youll locate anything right here to grace with regards to any bed room, no matter what type it would be.

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Sprucing workshop instruments is definitely one of the such a lot diversified of all workshop actions and the one who is least understood through nearly all of workshop proprietors. this isn't unreasonable in view of the big variety of kit recommended for the duty, starting from the complicated (typically an commercial instrument and cutter grinder) via to the standard off hand grinder.

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The simplest "handle" is nothing more than a comfortably shaped plane body that affords a grasp. Wooden smoothing and block planes are held this way, as are metal block planes with the Stanley "Hand-y" feature-oval recesses milled in the plane's sides for a finger hold (as shown in the photo of the block plane at left). Small one-handed planes P LAN E M E C H A N I C S 37 The sim plest " handle" is a comfortably shaped plane body. The Little Ham macher Schlemmer violi n m aker's planes, shown here i n a fitted Victor (foreg round) and the Stanley # 1 01 % (center) are held by two case, have detachable tail handles that screw i nto the frog.

Generally the quality was poor. To keep costs down, castings were rough, the parts were poorly finished, and the handles were plastic or stained wood. These weren't tools for craftsmen, but for the newly expanding "do-it-yourself" market. Stanley even called one of its line of planes "Handyman" (see the photo at left on p. 25). To make some of these 26 C H A PT E R TWO planes even easier to use, Stanley revived the old idea of a disposable blade. " How frustrating it must have been to do good work with some of these tools.

CAS T- IRON PLANES Cast-iron bench planes might look different from their wooden counter­ parts, but the parts are basically the same. The one-piece cast-iron body has sides machined square with the sole, a mouth and a throat that the shavings pass through, a rear handle and a front P L A N E M E C H A N I C S 31 knob bolted on, and machined faces where the frog attaches. The frog, a separate casting machined to mate with the plane body and screwed to it, forms the bed for the cutting iron. Except for the very earliest bench-plane designs, most frogs have some sort of adjustment screw to shift the frog's position.

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