Becoming by Extraterestials

By Extraterestials

The messages contained during this e-book are provided for the continuing realisation of who and what each one individual really is. The awareness altering info every one quantity comprises brings forth the certainty that humanity on the planet is, in truth, a complete and holy information. From the worldwide myriad of trust platforms arises a unmarried photograph that represents a composite know-how. This totality of proposal creates the truth of the human adventure. loads of attempt is now concentrated with the reason of influencing how the person and the whole worldwide information understand the human event.

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It could be the cause of the end of an experiment birthed from potentiality that would be just another idea that didn’t work. It is something to contemplate. However, it is also possible that there is a counter balance for this type of freewill action that upon reaching a certain level of imbalance, an offsetting action is brought into play as a natural effect. If we continue to consider this from the prospective of the virtual reality game, there are always elements of surprise written into the game, not by the players, but by those that formulate the game in the first place.

This has been stepped up with the placement of powerful military capability into the hands of the human pawns. ” As these messages circulate, a distillation process goes on continuously. The information is begun, put aside and then reread. Those that begin and complete it in a flow are few and far between. Reaching this point in assimilating the information has been accomplished by a very few. However, participating in the process in a more leisurely way does not indicate that this type of contribution is less effective.

Thus, we find that humanity has placed its progress in the game of evolution in trusting that these controllers are their “gods’’ and that “gods’’ always are benevolent and have their best interest at heart or are fearsome and cruel and there 51 Becoming is no recompense that will buy off their wrath. It is time that humanity realize that in order to save themselves and their planetary home, it is time to take up the mantle of responsibility and stand forth in their own power. In order to do this; fear must be put aside.

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