Basics of Computer Science (T.N. Diploma) by Rajiv Khanna

By Rajiv Khanna

Major beneficial properties of this ebook are: precisely as in line with syllabus, advised by way of the board; contains answer for lab assignments and viva query financial institution; really easy language used for studying; American English trend through the publication; a query financial institution, titled 'Exercises' were inserted on the finish of every bankruptcy; functional guidance within the kind of step-by-step directions on the finish of every bankruptcy; and, plenty of examples and figures were incorporated in each one bankruptcy. This publication will function an ideal educating consultant for the academics and a great reference publication for the scholars.

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They cannot perform any function on their own. For doing anything on computer, you have to give instructions to them. Generally these instructions are written in computer language and are given from the keyboard. 2. Computer performs the tasks according to the instructions provided by the user. In other words, you can say that the correctness of output depends upon the correctness of the data and the instructions provided by the user. e. subtraction instead of addition. 3. The speed, with which a computer performs a task is much faster than manual speed.

Tension arm tape drive and vacuum column tape drive. 36. Magnetic tape drive and cartridge tape drive 37. Dot matrix printers and inkjet printers. 38. Floppy and CD. 39. Arithmetic operations and logical operations. 40. CD-R and CD-R/W. 41. CD ROM drive and CD Writer. Detailed Answer Type Questions E. Answer the following questions in detail: 42. What is computer? For what purpose it is used? 43. Name any three places, where computers can be used? 44. Draw a block diagram of computer and label its component.

Represents non-executable files. Represents data file. Menus Following types of menus appear in GUI. Each menu provides various options. An option is selected by clicking the mouse on the desired option. 1. Popup menu 2. Shortcut menu 3. ). An item of choice is selected by clicking the mouse on it. 4(d). Drop Down List Box Drop down list box is another type of list box that looks like a text box with a down 44 Basics Of Computer Science pointing arrow button on its right hand side. When you click the mouse on the arrow, a list of options drops down.

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