Bamboos by Christine Recht

By Christine Recht

Bamboos are interesting for his or her good looks, beauty and diversity of shape, let alone their value within the symbolism of a long way jap poetry and paintings. backyard designers have for a very long time acknowledged the numerous chances provided by way of this specified plant. right here the reader is out there all of the details they should develop bamboos in backyard, on balconies and terraces, in conservatories or even in roof gardens. Fascination with bamboos has led many gardeners to shop for them yet lack of information in their standards has usually introduced frustration and melancholy. This publication goals to right that scenario and provides a massive resource of designated reference and inspirational color images.

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In these genera the bud from which the branches develop is already present in the shoot and makes a groove in the soft internode as the culm extends A bamboo leaf is elongated and lanceolate, rounded at the base and pointed at the tip.

The culms are thicker in diameter than the rhizome from which they have developed. Bamboos with this rhizome type, produce a more open clump habit, known also as monpodial, where the culms have a much greater spacing, often in straight lines away from the mother clump. Such bamboos are invasive and care should be taken when planting in the garden to allow room for future growth. Intermediate forms Not all bamboos fit exactly into the two main rhizome categories. Growing conditions and the general health of a bamboo plant can have a marked influence on vigour and clump habit.

South America has a wider range of species, including climbing bamboos and epiphytic (tree-living) bamboos It is possible, however, to trace the entry of bamboo into Europe much further back than to its introduction into cultivation in the last century. The first silk-moth eggs were smuggled out of China to Constantinople in bamboo tubes as early as AD 552. The monks who risked their lives in bringing these pieces of bamboo out of China thus contributed to the eventual loss of. significance and decline of the famous Silk Road that for centuries stretched across the whole of Asia.

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