Avalon High by Meg Cabot

By Meg Cabot

Avalon excessive, i used to be beginning to imagine, will not be so undesirable after all.

Maybe it is not the place Ellie desires to be, but when you might want to begin at a brand new college, Avalon excessive is average sufficient: there is Lance, the jock. Jennifer, the cheerleader. and may, senior classification president, quarterback, and all-around strong guy.

But no longer every body at Avalon excessive is who they seem like . . . no longer even, as Ellie is ready to find, herself. As a extraordinary drama starts off to spread, Ellie has to ask yourself, what half does she play in all this? Do the coincidences she's piecing jointly particularly mean—as in King Arthur's court—that tragedy is quickly forthcoming for her new friends?

Ellie does not recognize if she will do something to forestall the arriving difficulty. yet in some way, she understands she has to try.

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CHAPTER EIGHT There she weaves by night and day A magic web with colours gay. She has heard a whisper say, A curse is on her if she stay To look down to Camelot. I've never been a very girly girl. I mean, I've never collected stuffed animals or cared too much about clothes. I've never had a manicure, and my hair is all one length because I'm too lazy to get it cut or styled regularly. I basically just slap it back into a ponytail most days. But the night of the game and Will's party, I really made an effort to look my best.

Yeah. I could see how that could suck. Did you, um, mention that? " I asked, when Will didn't say anything else. " Will gave another shrug. " "Oh," I said. I thought about my own dad. He and Mom were always telling Geoff and me to become professors because professors get summers off and only have to teach a course or two a semester. But I would rather eat glass than have to write academic papers all the time like Mom and Dad do. And I tell them so, regularly. But they don't freak when I say it.

A long time ago, I guess. " So Will's mom was dead. He hadn't mentioned that, either, I noticed. Maybe that's why he liked sitting around by himself in the woods, listening to medieval music, so much. Maybe if your dad had killed his best friend, then scooped up the guy's wife for himself, all the while insisting you have to go to military school to make a difference in the world, you'd feel like you had a lot to think about, too. Page 45 Meg Cabot: Avalon High I was kind of glad right about then that I had been born Elaine Harrison and not A.

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