Athletic Shorts: Six Short Stories by Chris Crutcher

By Chris Crutcher

Those six tales from acclaimed writer Chris Crutcher are approximately athletes, yet are usually not easily activities tales. right here he provides characters from a few of his best–loved novels, in addition to growing a few unforgettable new personalities, in stories of affection, dying, bigotry, heroism, and coming of age. a while eleven+

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I wasn’t talking to you, bigfoot,” Rick says, looking past me to his girl. ” Melissa says, “I hate you, Rick. ” Rick ignores her. “Bigfoot comes from a high-risk home,” he says. ” In that instant I sweep his feet with mine, and he lands hard on the floor. He moves to get up, but I’m over him, crowding. When he tries to push himself up, I kick his hands out, following his next movements like a cow dog, mirroring him perfectly, trapping him there on the floor. No chaperon is in view, so it isn’t totally out of hand yet.

Tears have streaked his face. I’d give almost anything not to see this. “I’m sorry. ” “No,” he says, and motions me toward him. In his lap, lying open, is my old baby album. Here, decked out in his United States Marine dress blues, he holds me, staring in wonder into my infant eyes. There I perch on an inner tube, a bubble pipe jutting out under his marine cap. Here I’m draped in his Oklahoma letter jacket, sitting high atop a navy fighter jet. Dad watches me look at the pictures. “I swore it’d be different for you and me,” he says.

I want to see boys kissing girls! Understand? Hairy lips on smooth lips! Read mine! ” I started to walk out of the room, then whirled. “You know what I need? You ask me that all the time! ‘Angus, are you suffering emotional harm because we’re different? Angus, are you feeling angst? Angus, do you need help adjusting? ’ I’m not having trouble adjusting! I don’t even know what angst is! I don’t want to see a therapist! I just don’t want to see you kissing! You want to know what I need? I’ll tell you!

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