Archaeology of the Books of Samuel: The Entangling of the by Philippe Hugo and Adrian Schenker

By Philippe Hugo and Adrian Schenker

Contemplating the literary size of the earliest textual content background of Samuel, this quantity asks the query if the comparative research of the textual witnesses let proving the life of specified literary variants and deciding on the ideological intent

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The object might have been in the singular or plural form, but both the Septuagint and 4QSama have the singular. 7 As for the referent of the possessive pronoun, the Greek is open to both interpretations, as is the Hebrew. It is obvious that 4QSama and the Vorlage of the Septuagint here, too, represent the original form of the text. 6 Although some scholars have defended the MT as the lectio difficilior. Cf. ], although Tov does not mention our case. 7 26 anneli aejmelaeus As a third example we may consider the following case in v.

Sapiential, Liturgical and Poetical Texts from Qumran: Proceedings of the Third Meeting of the International Organization for Qumran Studies, Oslo 1998 (STDJ 35; Leiden), 146–159. —— 2002, “Unique Readings in 4QSam(a),” in E. D. Herbert, E. ), The Bible as a Book. The Hebrew Bible and the Judaean Desert Discoveries (London), 209– 219. —— 2003, “The ‘Word’ or the ‘Enemies’ of the Lord? Revisiting the Euphemism in 2 Sam 12:14,” in S. M. Paul, R. A. ), Emanuel. Studies in Hebrew Bible, Septuagint and Dead Sea Scrolls in Honor of Emanuel Tov (VTSup 94; Leiden), 367–378.

I must say that I hesitate between the alternatives – actually, it is impossible to find reliable arguments for one or the other – but I am slightly more attracted to the possibility that the switch would have been triggered by the additional ‫כי‬. Cross speaks of conflation in his explanation, but he does not explain it any further or draw any conclusions from it. Two pages later he writes:17 However we reconstruct it, the text of 4QSama is conflate. The text of [MT] exhibits vertical haplography, triggered by a partially repetitive colon.

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