Application Development Using C# and .NET by Michael Stiefel

By Michael Stiefel

This e-book supplies skilled builders perception had to construct firm purposes for Microsoft's .NET platform utilizing C#. wide code examples and a operating case research illustrate .NET options and applied sciences. After an overview of the programming version of the .NET framework, insurance contains the C# programming language, basic themes within the .NET framework reminiscent of home windows kinds sessions and ADO.NET, net programming utilizing ASP.NET and cleaning soap, and extra themes within the .NET Framework together with safeguard and interoperability. Stiefel is a specialist focusing on Microsoft expertise; Oberg is founding father of an organization that develops courseware on software program applied sciences.

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In general, the ReadLine method is the easier to use and synchronizes nicely with Write and WriteLine. The program ReadStrings illustrates reading in a first name, a middle initial, and a last name. All input is done via ReadLine. The middle initial as a character is determined by extracting the character at position 0. Our InputWrapper class has a method getString, which provides a prompt and reads in a string. String Methods and Properties In this section we will survey a few useful methods and properties of the String class.

Escape sequences are not processed for string literals that are prefixed with @. txt"; 35 36 C# Operators and Expressions You can combine variables and literals via operators to form expressions. The C# operators are similar to those in C and C++, having similar precedence and associativity rules. , a++). , a + b). , expr ? x : y). Operators are applied in the precedence order shown in Table 3-1. For operators of the same precedence, order is determined by associativity. • The assignment operator is right-associative (operations are performed from right to left).

59 Variables In C# variables are of a specific data type. Some common types are int for integers and double for floating-point numbers. C# has the decimal data type, which has a high degree of precision, suitable for monetary calculations. You must declare and initialize variables before you can use them. int years = 10; decimal interest; // // // // reserves space and assigns an initial value reserves space but does not initialize it to any value If an initial value is not specified in the declaration, the variable must be initialized in code before it can be used.

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