Animal Hormones. A Comparative Survey by Penelope M. Jenkin

By Penelope M. Jenkin

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X Tractus supraopticohypophyseus Accumulation of neurosecretory FIG. 2-10. Diagram of the pituitary body of a dog, Cants; (a) before and (6) after the pituitary stalk has been cut. Neuro­ secretory cells in the paraventricular and supraoptic nuclei of the hypothalamus of the brain pass secretory granules down their axons to the neural lobe of the neurohypophysis (pars nervosa), where they are stored in Herring bodies, or swollen axon endings, and thence pass into the surrounding blood vessels (Fig.

Micro­ scopic examination shows this epistellar body to contain a group of neurosecretory cells (Fig. 2-lrf) with their axons converging on a central cavity, which contains secreted granules in a homo­ geneous ground substance. 12) has only been postulated from extirpation experiments 22 SOURCES OF KINETIC AND METABOLIC HORMONES TABLE 3. 11 STORE OF HORMONE (OR NAME) TYPE OF ACTION* SECTION NO. 112 Neurosecretory systems of Crustacea Ganglionic-X-organ Sinus gland and brain Hanström's sensory pore organ ?

123 Adenohypophysis of Vertebrata The adenohypophysis, or the anterior lobe of the pituitary body, is the only endocrine gland which arises from non-nervous ecto­ derm in vertebrates. Its origin is the hypophysis, an upgrowth from the roof of the stomodaeum. It meets the brain and induces a downgrowth from the hypothalamus or floor of the diencephalon ; together they form the pituitary body (Fig. 2-13). 114). The subdivisions of the ectodermal ADENOHYPOPHYSIS are difficult to homologize in different groups.

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