Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain

By Blandine Calais-Germain

I'm a Polarity pupil so this publication was once a an outstanding addition to my library. The illustrations are tremendous, very targeted and transparent. The ebook arrived in excellent situation and in a well timed demeanour.

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Anatomy of Movement

I'm a Polarity pupil so this e-book was once a a very good addition to my library. The illustrations are awesome, very distinct and transparent. The e-book arrived in ideal and in a well timed demeanour.

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Together, On the left side, the transverse processes and articular facets come .. the opposite occurs closer together, and the associated on the right side. ligaments are relaxed; In rotation, the fibers of the disc, whose orientation alternates from one layer to the next, are under torsion (twisting). They are moving in two different directions from layer to layer, such that one layer is stretched and the next layer is relaxed. Because of the effect of the torsion, and the ensuing tension on the fibers, the distance between the vertebrae is diminished.

When squatting or doing a "grand plie"), the bones involved change their position, but the muscles do not lengthen or shorten. The hip and knees "cancel out" each other's actions. MUSCLE SHAPES 27 It is also possible that a muscle is contracted even though no movement is taking place. For example, the At this point, there is no thigh can be flexed more movement, but there (concentric contraction of the hip flexors) and then held in this position. is still a contraction (in this case, the thigh flexors) to hold this position.

47 THE TRUNK The shape and proportions of the pelvis vary considerably in normal individuals. or be compressed in either direction (center, right). The curve of the sacrum may be more or less emphasized, and the hip bones more or less developed. [ SIDE VIEW ] The gap between the two ischial tuberosities may be bigger or smaller. [ FRONT VIEW ] The sacral crest or posterior superior iliac spines may protrude in some individuals. This condition, combined with lack of "padding" by muscles and adipose tissue, can result in difficulty doing floor exercises, particularly rolling on a hard surface.

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