Alternative Energy Sources (Green Energy and Technology) by Efstathios E. (Stathis) Michaelides

By Efstathios E. (Stathis) Michaelides

Replacement strength resources is designed to provide the reader, a transparent view of the function each one kind of replacement power might play in delivering the strength wishes of the human society within the close to destiny (20-50 years). the 2 first chapters on "energy call for and supply" and "environmental effects," set the tone as to why substitute power is key for the longer term. The 3rd bankruptcy offers the legislation of strength conversion approaches, in addition to the constraints of changing one power shape to a different. The part on exergy provides a quantitative historical past at the capability/potential of every strength resource to supply strength. The fourth, 5th and 6th chapters are expositions of fission and fusion nuclear strength, the ability vegetation that could produce strength from those assets and the problems that might body the general public debate on nuclear strength. the next 5 chapters comprise descriptions of the most typical renewable strength resources (wind, sunlight, geothermal, biomass, hydroelectric) many of the much less universal assets (e.g. tidal and wave energy). The emphasis of those chapters might be at the worldwide strength of every resource, the engineering/technical platforms which are utilized in harnessing the possibility of every one resource, the technological advancements that may give a contribution to wider usage of the resources and environmental results linked to their wider use. The final 3 chapters are: "energy storage," on the way to turn into a tremendous factor if renewable strength assets are used generally. The fourteen chapters within the ebook were selected in order that one may match a semester collage direction round this publication. on the finish of each bankruptcy, there are 10-20 difficulties and 1-3 feedback of semester initiatives that could be assigned to scholars for additional examine.

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The two are viewed as success stories stemming from international collaboration and successful public policy. This chapter starts with a short section on the environment and ecosystems, continues with descriptions of the most significant environmental problems that are caused by energy consumption and delineates adopted and proposed suggestions on the mitigation of environmental threats. E. E. 1 Environment, Ecology and Ecosystems The environment is everything that surrounds the humans and where all the economic activity occurs.

2 Energy Demand and Supply 21 The experience of the years 2006–2010 demonstrates how the significant energy price increase resulted in more conservation measures and increased use of alternative energy sources at the individual, the corporate, the national and the global levels. On the other hand, when there is an ‘‘oil glut’’ and the energy prices drop to a low level, energy conservation, alternative energy and higher efficiency projects become relatively more costly and less important to the general population.

Following the slowing of the rate of growth, the resource becomes a mature resource and its consumption is governed by its price, which is determined by demand and supply. The total production and consumption of the resource starts decreasing during this stage, depending on the price level. Thus, the production of all resources passes through a maximum, which is often called Hubbert peak. The third stage in the theoretical life-cycle of the energy resource occurs when there is a realization that there are few reserves of the resource left.

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