Age of Conan: Dawn of the Ice Bear: Dawn of the Ice Bear by Jeff Mariotte

By Jeff Mariotte

The younger Pictish warrior Kral, aided by way of his unswerving cadre of pals, sails to the sinister and unsafe realm of Stygia, at the path of the stolen holy relic which could shop his people—the enamel of the Ice endure. but even after enduring perils past their darkest goals, they locate that a part of their prize is missing—stolen through the duplicitous warrior-thief, Conor.

Journeying into the center of the Cimmerian desert within the lifeless of iciness, Kral and his partners look for their traitorous former comrade whilst the enraged Picts salary a determined, doomed battle opposed to the good King Conan himself.

Beset by way of enemies on all fronts, Kral needs to struggle for ownership of tooth of the Ice undergo if he's to save lots of his humans from utter annihilation, and declare a future he by no means can have dreamed of…

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