A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

By Alex Flinn

Talia fell below a spell . . . . Jack broke the curse. i used to be informed to pay attention the accursed spindle, however it was once so mesmerizing, so hypnotic. . . . i used to be searching for a bit experience the day I ditched my journey crew. yet discovering a comatose city, with a hot-looking chick asleep in it, was once so no longer what I had in brain. I woke up within the similar position yet in one other time—to a stranger's gentle kiss. i could not aid kissing her. occasionally you simply need to kiss an individual. i did not comprehend this is able to occur. Now i'm in dire hassle simply because my father, the king, says i've got introduced smash upon our kingdom. i've got no selection yet to run away with this commoner! Now i am caught with a bratty princess and a trunk filled with her jewels. . . . the excellent news: My mom and dad will freak! imagine you could have courting matters? attempt locking lips with a sleeping stunner who seems to be 316 years outdated. Can a kiss go beyond all—even time?

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At the top of the stairs, there is an open door. I stop. There is no tailor. I knew there would not be. But instead, there is an old woman sitting upon a bench. I see not what she is doing, for she is surrounded by dresses, so many dresses, much more than twenty. But that is not the remarkable thing. Each and every dress is exactly the same shade of green as my eyes. ” The cry comes from me unbidden. I run into the room. ” The old woman attempts to rise from her chair with great effort. She begins to curtsy.

Travis says. He’s hugging the door. ” “A snore? Like they’re sleeping? ” I walk over to the side of one guy. He snores, and I see his stomach moving in and out. He’s alive. He’s definitely alive. I’m saved! I don’t have to touch a mummified corpse! I tap his shoulder. ” He doesn’t answer. I shake him harder and yell louder. “Hey! Dude! ” Now that it’s that obvious they’re not zombies or anything, Travis steps forward and starts shaking a different guy. ” Nothing. There are five guys on stools and the bartender asleep on the floor.

But if you say so. . ” He shrugs but follows me. We walk down the street, which is really more of a pathway with weeds and stuff growing on both sides. I point to the alehouse. ” He nods. ” The alehouse has steps in front of it. When I put my foot on one, it squeaks and moves under me. I step on a better, less rotted part, but even so, it quivers and shakes. “This is really weird, Jack. ” I remember when we went to Colonial Williamsburg, they told us about all the diseases people got in those days, like yellow fever, black plague, and scarlet fever.

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