A grammar of Lavukaleve: A Papuan Language of the Solomon by Angela Terrill

By Angela Terrill

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The word mina ÔthingÕ becomes minamina ÔeverythingÕ. Similarly lafa ÔplaceÕ when reduplicated is lafalafa Ôevery placeÕ. With some verbs reduplication can give an iterative meaning, and can imply random action: veo ÔarriveÕ veoveo Ôkeep touching atÕ, kini ÔsmellÕ kinikini Ôkeep sniffing aroundÕ. With adverbs it can give an intensified meaning: karial ÔslowlyÕ karialkarial Ôvery slowlyÕ. It does not always have a semantic function however: there is no meaning difference between telako ÔoneÕ and tetelako ÔoneÕ.

Ashore -i -PSV He went ashore. 12) Ofei. up -i -PSV He went up. 4 for discussion of this construction type. 4 CHANGE IN VOWEL QUALITY There are two morphophonemic processes that change vowel quality. The first is an assimilation process involving the Nominaliser suffix -e~-i. The second is a process which changes the last vowel of an utterance when it is being called out. 36 2 - PHONOLOGY AND MORPHOPHONOLOGY A SSIMILATION WITH THE NOMINALISER SUFFIX -E~-I The Nominaliser suffix -e~-i assimilates in quality with the final vowel of the verb stem: The suffix is realised as: -e after a stem-final -a or -o -i after a stem-final -u -¿ after a stem-final -e or -i For example: honia lo iru ve lei ÔknowÕ ÔfinishÕ ÔsleepÕ ÔgoÕ ÔbeÕ honia-e lo-e iru-i ve-¿ lei-¿ ÔknowledgeÕ ÔendÕ ÔsleepingÕ Ôway, methodÕ Ôbeing, existenceÕ The first two realisations of the Nominaliser suffix are simply due to a process of assimilation.

3 HEARING STRESS VERSUS IDENTICAL-VOWEL SEQUENCES It was said above that stress is realised as a longer and louder syllable. 5 above). Because of the association between length and stress, and the partly unpredictable nature of stress, it is sometimes a difficult matter in individual words to decide if a vowel sound is long because it is stressed, or long because it is a sequence of two identical vowels. For some words morphophonemic tests can be applied to distinguish between the two analyses.

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