A Comprehensive Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming by C. Thomas Wu

By C. Thomas Wu

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Java Threads

Threads are not a brand new inspiration: many working structures and languages aid them. yet regardless of common aid, threads are usually whatever that everybody talks approximately, yet few use. Programming with threads has a name for being difficult and nonportable. now not so with Java. Java's thread amenities are effortless to exploit, and - like every thing else in Java - are thoroughly transportable among systems.

Developing Service-Oriented AJAX Applications on the Microsoft Platform

Somebody within the evaluation stack has written that when analyzing you'll hate AJAX, WCF and SOA. that is especially true - and that i learn basically 3 chapters! it's written in a really contrite and boring demeanour, and after studying few chapters your eyelids begin to suspend. Coming to the technical facet, he will get information from the database throgh WCF, and use complicated javascript and XSLT coding to exhibit info at the aspx web page.

Just Enough Programming Logic and Design

Locate precisely what you must grasp the basics of programming common sense with the concise simply enough PROGRAMMING good judgment AND layout, 2E. This distinct, language-independent advent to programming good judgment offers seven chapters enthusiastic about key programming and good judgment content material in an immediate, effective layout that is helping you move during the subject material fast.

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A Java application is a complete stand-alone program that does not require a Web browser. A Java application is analogous to a program we write in other programming languages. In this book, we focus on Java applications because our objective is to teach the fundamentals of object-oriented programming that are applicable to all object-oriented programming languages. We chose Java for this textbook mainly for its clean design. The language designers of Java took a minimalist approach; they included only features that are indispensable and eliminated features that they considered excessive or redundant.

Is the getObstacleDistance method an instance or a class method? 3 Class and Instance Data Values instance data value class data value Suppose the method deposit of an Account object instructs the object to add a given amount to the current balance. Where does the object keep the current balance? Remember that an object is comprised of data values and methods. Analogous to defining class and instance methods, we can define class and instance data values. For example, we define an instance data value current balance for Account objects to record the current balance.

Name five major components of a computer. What is the difference between volatile and nonvolatile memory? What does the acronym CPU stand for? How many bytes does the 64 KB RAM have? Which device connects a computer to the Internet using a phone line? 3 Programming Languages machine language machine code assembly language assembly code assembler high-level languages high-level code Programming languages are broadly classified into three levels: machine languages, assembly languages, and high-level languages.

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