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Spelling and Poetry 1 instructor variation

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Last night I had the sneezes. I was really very ill. My mother called the doctor who prescribed a purple pill. At eight o’clock I went to bed. My mom turned out the light. I used up one whole box of Kleenex sneezing through the night. I sneezed my brains out in my bed. I didn’t get much rest. So that’s the reason, teacher, that I flunked the spelling test. 46 Love and Other Diseases Lovesick I wrote a love note to Sarah. She bought some chocolates for Matt. He sent six roses to Lisa. She baked pink cookies for Pat.

31 Poopsie My puppy’s name is Poopsie I gave him that name when: He made a mess. I cleaned it up. He made a mess again. 32 Fussy Cat I didn’t clean her litter box, so my cat got quite upset. She wouldn’t go inside the box, and now the carpet’s wet. 33 My New Pet I asked my father for a pet. ” My father took me to a store where animals were hopping. ” So I picked out a puppy, a parakeet, a rabbit, plus a gerbil and a guppy. I also picked a monkey and a yellow Siamese cat, a turtle, snake, and lizard, plus a very big white rat.

It might reach out with its trunk to turn you topsy toesy. Never pet a grizzly bear and by its cage don’t linger. If you wave your arms about you’re apt to lose a finger. And if you see some lion cubs, don’t let them out to play. If their mother catches you, she just might ruin your day. When you feed the walruses be careful not to slip. If you fall in the walrus pond, it might be your last dip. Even though you look like one, don’t make friends with a monkey. If you pal around with apes, you’ll wind up smelling funky.

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