2X4 Furniture: Simple, Inexpensive and Great-Looking by Stevie Henderson

By Stevie Henderson

A suite of domestic and backyard furnishings initiatives, which name just for using reasonably cheap, regular 2" X 4" lumber, universal instruments and easy recommendations. The designs diversity from conventional to modern.

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Then I used that setting to mark out the tenons. I cut the tenon shoulders with my backsaw and the cheeks on the band saw. After fitting these joints, I did another dry run, connecting the two side assemblies with the front and back rails. Come Together With a complex piece such as this, the best way to ensure that everything fits together is to make careful dry runs, then pull the actual dimensions for the next piece to be fabricated from the subassembly. With the legs connected side to side and front to back, I made sure the carcase was square before making the bottom.

Then it was on to laying out the mortises on the rails. Determine the face of each frame member, then clamp the stiles together with the working edge facing up. Use the drawing to locate each rail and divider along the length of the stiles and mark the top and bottom edge of each rail with a line completely across each stile. Next, move in a ½″ from the top end of the stiles and draw a line setting the location of the mortise for the top rail. Move toward the center of each layout area ¼″ and place a partial line for each of the remaining rails.

To make your test mortise, first select a piece of scrap from this project. Some sappy waste will do just fine. As a rule of thumb, mortises should be half the thickness of your tenon’s stock. Because this project’s tenon stock is ¾″ thick, the mortises need to be ⅜″ thick. It’s also a good idea to make your mortises about deeper than the tenons are long. This will keep the tenons from bottoming out in the mortises. The depth isn’t as important as the width in a test mortise, so simply make your test mortise as deep as your longest tenon is long.

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